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Enzo Yaksic

Enzo Yaksic is an advocate for the open exchange of information. After ten years of researching serial homicide, Enzo founded the ‘Serial Homicide Expertise and Information Sharing Collaborative’ (SHEISC) where he acts as the database coordinator. The SHEISC ushered a subset of the criminal justice community into the digital workspace to synchronize and standardize serial homicide data collection efforts. Enzo founded the Northeastern University Atypical Homicide Research Group, an active network of one hundred academic researchers, law enforcement professionals and mental health practitioners, which allows members to communicate over a private and secure email listserv in an effort to come to a greater understanding of atypical homicide. Enzo has facilitated ongoing research collaborations with members of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit 5 and the Homicide Investigation Tracking System (HITS) of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

Enzo’s work has focused on breaking the misconceptions of serial killer stereotypes and was the first to offer possible explanations for the steep decline in serial killings since 1990. Enzo created the Consolidated Serial Homicide Offender Database, a critical initiative to the further understanding of serial offenders and represents a significant collaboration among academic professionals in the field. Enzo contributed to the investigation into serial killer suspect Felix Vail by providing assistance to investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell which led to his arrest. Enzo serves on the Board of Directors of the Murder Accountability Project, a non-profit with the goal of exposing those criminal justice entities in non-compliance with federal Freedom of Information Act requirements.


Enzo has guest lectured at local colleges, presented at conferences and is a reviewer for the Journal of Criminal Justice. Enzo’s first invited chapter will appear in the third edition of Violent Offenders: Theory, Research, Public Policy and Practice and second in the Routledge International Handbook of Psychopathy and Crime. Enzo contributed to the Plain Dealer’s efforts to locate a serial killer, to The Globe and Mail’s investigation into the murders of indigenous women in the hopes of helping to identify the factors contributing to their victimization, stated that Quinton Tellis is likely a two-victim serial homicide offender, helped to decipher the true motives of a spree killer’s accomplice and offered insight into the psychology of serial murderers in USA Today and the Boston Globe. Enzo is a consultant for 48 Hours, Beyond Productions, Sirens Media, Atlantic Productions and the Technical Advisor for The Killing Season, an A&E television docuseries aiming to dispel the myths surrounding serial homicide.


Selected Publications (For a full list, please click HERE)

Alley, C. S., Wilson, P., Minnis, H., Thompson, L. Yaksic, E., & Gillberg, C. (2017). Violence is rare in autism: when it does occur, is it sometimes extreme? The Journal of Psychology, 151, 49-68.

Yaksic, E. (2017). Novel Techniques to Detect the Multiple-event Murderer: An Exploration of a Researcher’s Field Notes. Violent Offenders: Theory, Research, Public Policy and Practice, 3, 337-350.

Yaksic, E. (2017). Addressing the challenges and limitations of utilizing data to study serial homicide. Crime Psychology Review, 1, 108-134.

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