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Members of ReBSA are currently involved in a number of applied areas of research and policy-related activities. For more information on individual's research, please see the Members pages (available HERE). Listed below are some of our Present Projects. We are also involved with several projects that, for various reasons, cannot be made public, yet. If you are interested in working with us on sensitive topics, please contact us and we can discuss how best to proceed.


Present Projects


Behaviour Tracking

-Dr Keatley and Professor Clarke are currently involved in the development and testing of a new method for tracking geographical and sequential behaviours of criminals and terrorists.

Systems analysis of serial homicides

-Investigating the life histories and sequence of behaviours and events in homicide and serial homicide cases.​ This research also involves multidimensional scaling and survival analysis methods.

The sequence and progression of gambling-related behaviours

-A number of studies investigating gambling and gambling-related comorbid behaviours. 

The sequence analysis of rapists

-Investigating the sequence of behaviors in rape cases.


Adolescent self-harm and suicide attempts

-Using sequence analysis to understand the pattern of behaviours leading to self-harm or suicide attempts in young people.

Inmate self-harm and suicide attempts

-Using sequence analysis to understand the pattern of behaviours for prison inmates leading to self-harm or suicide attempts, and then post-treatment behaviours


Body language, lies, and sequence analysis

-A novel approach to body language related to emotions and lying.

Driving under the influence of alcohol: A sequence analysis approach

-Understanding what causes individuals to begin drinking (when they previously may have decided not to), and the behaviours leading to driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.


Intellectual disability and aggression

-Sequence analysis and Log Survivor Analysis of ID and aggressive behaviours


Relationship formation and break-ups

-Using sequence analysis to understand the formation from dating, to long-term relationships, and break-ups.


Polar Exploration and social dynamics

-Investigating the effects of isolation and interactions between polar explorers.

Athlete's post-injury treatment and behaviours

-Researching the sequence of post-injury behaviours different athletes adopt. Especially focusing on individuals with body dysmorphia, and those who attend the gym frequently, or over-train. 


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