Dr James Dimmock

Dr James Dimmock is based in the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health, at the University of Western Australia (UWA). He has undertaken research across a broad range of topics related to health psychology. His most recent research has focused on communication, persuasion, and motivation in health contexts.



Dr Dimmock works in the 'Psychology of Active, Healthy Living' (PAHL) group in the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health, UWA. The primary research themes and areas of expertise within the PAHL group are:

  • The study of group and relationship processes within health contexts

  • Issues relating to self-regulation, self-control, and motivation in health

  • Models and mechanisms of persuasion in health



Dr Dimmock collaborates with ReBSA in projects relating to public health.


For more information about Dr Dimmock, please visit his website: HERE


Selected Publications


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